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Recent System Updates 9/20/17 Options
Posted: Wednesday, September 20, 2017 11:51:19 AM
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Happy Wednesday! This update has been a long time in the making, but it comes with some pretty amazing updates that we think you will all love.

The biggest change you will notice is that we’ve completely revamped the Content Review Screen! We’ve reduced the whole workflow to a single page that should make the process of reviewing content more clear and simple. We’ve added a handy way to rate a few key aspects of your writers and content (or a few more if you are so inclined), which should also help to improve your content in the future, since better feedback means a better job the next time around. We’ve also added a couple much-requested features on this screen: the ability to tag writers when adding them from an audition, and the ability to reduce word counts when requesting revisions! Finally, we redesigned the message boards with a nice new look that should make it super clear who each message is going to.

The Project Dashboard has also received a facelift. We cleaned up the design, moved the “Totals” row to the top, and added a great new “Bulk Import” feature in the “Add Topics / Add Titles” column that will allow you to import all of your titles across multiple projects, and drastically reduce your time spent setting up your orders. There are many more new features and fixes, so read below for the full scoop!

  • Content Review Screen - New, simpler one-page workflow for rating content and choosing an action to take

  • Content Review Screen - New 6-point rating system to better assess writers and content

  • Content Review Screen - Users can now add a writer tag when adding a new writer to their team

  • Content Review Screen - The word count on a document can now be decreased when requesting revisions, where previously it was only possible to increase the word count

  • Content Review Screen - Newly designed message boards

  • Project Dashboard - Added a new feature to allow users to import titles into multiple projects with a single spreadsheet

  • Project Dashboard - Updated the Project table to move the “Totals” row to the top, along with several other design tweaks

  • Settings - Added an option to remove the ability for writers to edit titles unless they are explicitly ordered as “Writer will create title/headline” titles

  • Project Setup & PWC > Assign Titles Screen, Writer Audition Setup Screen - The “Add Funds” button is now hidden for any users whose role is not set to “Admin”

  • Inbox - If deadline extension requests are set to automatically be approved, they will no longer appear in the Inbox

  • Approved > Content Review Screen - If content is edited, it will now auto-save the newest version when exporting

  • Approved > Content Review Screen - Fixed a bug where apostrophes, em dashes, and en dashes were not displaying properly when content was exported

  • Project Setup > Create Title Queue - Fixed a bug where editing a title was not working on some browser / OS combinations

  • Project Setup & PWC > Assign Titles screen - Fixed a bug when Direct Assigning to one Favorite Writer that was causing the list of Favorite Writers to stall when loading

  • Funds > Deposit Funds Screen - Fixed an issue with PayPal funding not working for some browser / OS combinations

  • Funds > Deposit Funds Screen - Fixed broken links and updated old text

Agency-specific items:

  • Create New Project Screen - When selecting a client to create a new project for, only clients that a user has access to will show in the drop-down

  • Content Review Screen - When inviting a colleague to review content, the invitation list will now only show admin users, as well as non-admin users who have access to that project’s client

  • Client Portal Settings - The option to hide the decline option on the Child Client Content Review Screen will now only apply to non-audition jobs

Client Portal Updates:

  • PWC > Add Titles - Fixed a bug where new title priorities were not displaying until the page refreshed

Service Provider Updates:

  • Submit Content Screen - Added a Character Count alongside the Word Count for help when composing tweets or other character-sensitive content

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