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Recent System Updates 4/27/17 Options
Posted: Thursday, April 27, 2017 12:06:34 PM
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Happy Thursday! After our last batch update, we received lots of feedback from users about features they would like added to the system, and we are very happy to report that several of them have already made it into this batch. The two biggest changes are both aimed at saving you time, both when setting up a new project, and while managing it later once it’s in full swing with a Favorite Writer.

First, we have removed the “Give this Project a Name” step from the Writer Audition Setup, and projects will now be automatically named based on the content type and date the project is created. Project titles can still be changed to whatever you like, but are usually inconsequential when trying to get through a Writer Audition setup, so this change should make that process a bit simpler and faster.

Second, we have added a new feature to the Settings screen which will allow you to automatically approve deadline extension requests from Favorite Writers. Oftentimes our users work with their Favorite Writers for months or even years, and build a productive and trusting relationship with them. In situations like that, certain things are a given, such as writers only requesting deadline extensions when they really need them, and clients being happy to provide their writers with a little extra time to finish their work. In the past, if a Favorite Writer requested a deadline extension that would be a no-brainer, you would receive an email, and then need to login to approve the request. If the request came in after-hours, the writer might be waiting with the job on hold for hours or days before knowing where they stood with their deadline. By enabling this feature on the Settings screen, you will allow the system to automatically approve any deadline extension requests from Favorite Writers. You will still receive an email letting you know that the deadline has been extended, but you no longer need to take the time to extend it yourself.

See below for the full list of new features and fixes that went live today.

  • Settings - Added new feature to automatically approve deadline extension requests from Favorite Writers

  • Writer Audition Setup - The “Give this Project a Name” step has been removed, and projects are now automatically named according to the content type and the date

  • Project Dashboard > Pending Review column - Added second sort button to sort by titles that are in “Pending Invited”

  • Service Providers > My Writers & My Editors - Redesigned the interface

  • Writer Audition Setup & PWC > Assign Titles > Project Instructions Dialog - Increased input field height and width for “Anything else you’d like to tell the writer about your target audience?” and “Anything else you’d like to tell the writer?” fields

  • Content Review Screen - Red outlines from embedded comments will now be removed after the writer submits revisions

  • PWC > Assign Titles - Fixed a bug preventing the Override Rate from being used when Direct Assigning

  • Project Setup & PWC > Manage Questionnaires - Fixed a bug preventing questionnaires from displaying correctly

  • Writer Audition Setup - Fixed a bug preventing 2 titles to be ordered when re-posting an audition

  • PWC > Cancelled - Fixed a bug causing titles that were cancelled while in Pending Revision not to appear on this screen

  • Project Setup & PWC > Assign Titles > Set Word Count Range for Individual Title dialog - Fixed incorrect wording and instructions

  • Workflow Type screen - Updated text to remove outdated information

Service Provider Updates:

  • Fixed a bug causing titles to expire for editors when they have been sent back to the writer for revisions

  • “A client has increased the rate offer for a document” Email - Fixed a display error causing incorrect “Previous Rate Offer” and “New Rate Offer” to display

  • Writing Jobs > Pending Review > Submit Content - Fixed a display error causing content not to appear in the editor window

  • Writing Jobs > Pending Review - Fixed a display error in the Auto-Approve Date column

  • Settings > Expertise Categories - Fixed a bug that was allowing more than 5 Tier 1 categories to be selected
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